Vampire Hunters are an extremist religious group where all the members are, fundamentally, human. They seek the extinction of vampires, seeing them as enemies of God, as well as other non-humans such as lycanthropes; this goal also extends to humans that befriends vampires thus they care little for innocent lives that get involved. They first appeared in episode 2 of the anime, as Mina went off to be reunited with an amnesiac Akira, showing that they had high amount of resources such as using a military helicopter. Vampire Hunters reappeared in Dance in the Vampire Bund - Sledge Hammer no Tsuioku manga where it is revealed where Vampire Hunters were degrade from a secret military society to a terrorist group. The reason why was because of how their main support was the vatican but, as the Vampire Bund was introduced, the vatican agreed to the coexistence between vampires and humans thus signed a treaty on the ceasefire as vampire hunting became illegal. Unable to accept this, due to their strong religious view that it was a complete betrayal to God on the vatican’s part, the vampire hunters were branded as terrorist and were ironically hunted down. Since then, they continue on to kill vampires in the form of Christian Terrorism, justifying their actions as God’s will. Edit