In the series, Vampires are a form of evolved humans. Transformation into a vampire is not a conscious decision on the part of the vampire, but is cause merely by a vampire feeding off of a human. In recent years, a "vaccine" has been developed to prevent transformation, but is only effective for up to 48 hours from the time of infection.


Like vampires of legend they sustain themselves by drinking human blood, though modern science has allowed them to produce a substitute, known as stigma. They are also highly vulnerable to sunlight which kills them if they are not protected by Light Blocking Gel.

Physically vampires are stronger and faster than humans and can resist greater amounts of damage to their body, however a lethal wound, such as being shot in the heart or having their throat cut out, will result in instant death. When a vampire dies their body turns to ash.

Vampires possess the ability to transform from their human form to their "true form" which is said to be a reflection of their soul. The results of a vampire's transformation varies, however most seem to acquire a pair of bat-like wings.


Vampire society is ruled by a Monarchy. At the top of their society are the "True Bloods" among whom the most powerful clan is the Tepes from whom a member will serve as the absolute ruler of the night. However they can rarely interfere with what goes on within the borders of territory that belongs to another True Blood. Under the True Bloods are the nobility, vampiric families with many generations of history. Finally there are the common vampires that consist mostly of human turned vampires. Because of their brain physiology vampires must obey the orders of their master, the vampire that bit them and any master that that vampire has. The only ones who cannot be controlled by this method are True Bloods, but they can use their own DNA to overwrite who a vampire's master is.

Although most vampires are turned from humans it is possible for two vampires to procreate and create a newborn vampire. This is how the family lines of True Bloods and and the nobility are maintained.

Despite possessing near immortality and the ability to increase their population by simply biting a human on the neck, vampire society rarely increases in population beyond a normal standard. This is because it is very easy for vampires to "lose themselves" to their desires and emotions. When this happens they act rashly with little regard for the consequences, which usually results in their death. Its possible that this natural culling is an evolutionary adaptation to prevent the vampire species from growing too numerous to be supported by their human food source.

Some vampires have shown to possess abilities that are considered unique even amongst other vampires. Such abilities include being able to transform one's appearance into that of anyone else, or a pair of vampires that could share wounds due to an empathetic bond and their transformation ability.


Their bodies are more resilient that those of humans, giving them numerous abilities.

Superhuman Strength: They have great strength to the point that they are capable of demolishing tanks with their bare hands even to the point of lifting it and throwing it.

Superhuman Speed: They possess great speed that when they move an afterimage or a blur is seen.

Agility: They possess great agility capable of running at the side of buildings or across edges without slipping at least once.

Enhanced Senses: They possess keener senses than those of humans such as smell.

Immortality: Vampires are granted a very major advantage; immortality. Most of the humans who voted wishing to become a vampire, voted for the reason of immortality.

Transformation: They are capable of transforming into various forms at will at will.Most vampires transform into their true form, but one vampire was able to shape his body in any form , and other vampire was able to shape his hand into a  sword. Won't tire as easily as humans.

Healing factor & endurance: Vampires can heal  any type of wounds that are lethal to humans , in a few minutes , even reattach a limb in a second . They are able to survive to gunshots , cuts , burns , and wounds that would kill a human.

Mind influence: Pure bloods vampires as Mina , are able to influence weaker vampires and even kill them by only a demand , because of their undiluted blood.

Flight: Some vampires can acquire a pair of bat -like wings , that helps them to fly over long distances .


Sunlight: sunlight kills almost instantly a vampire ,making him burst into blue flames and turn to ash.

Stakes: when a vampire is staked , it ashes instantly.

Blood agony: a substance, that explodes in contact with vampire blood.

Major mutilation: wounds such as beheading, heart getting ripped out, body cut in half or slit throat, are unable to heal, resulting in the vampire getting turned into ash.

Types of VampireEdit

Vampire Edit

Vampires are a humanoid species who prey upon humans by drinking their blood.

Fangless Edit

Fangless vampires are vampires who choose to pull out their own fangs in order to hold onto their former human values. Such vampires face persecution from both sides, however, human and vampire alike; it is revealed early on that the creation of the Bund was in large part to provide a haven for the Fangless to live peacefully.

True Bloods Edit

True Bloods are vampire families who possess "pure" vampiric ancestry, undiluted by human blood. These are the most powerful of all Vampires in the world, but are deathly restricted by tradition and codes of conduct when it comes to dealing with each other.

List of Vampire CharactersEdit

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