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The bund is a special man-made island district, also known as Tokyo Landfill #0, floating in the Tokyo harbor. Mina specially built the Bund as a safe haven for all vampires, particularly the fangless vampries.

About the BundEdit

Vampires are the primary civillians living in the bund, however Mina's werewolf guards, Beowulf, also live there fulltime for her 

The Bund

The Bund depicted in the Anime

protection. Humans of great significance, either politically or through personal relationship to Mina, are allowed to visit the Bund. The only connection from the mainland to the Bund is through a single underground tunnel. The island has no bridges or major ports.

During a press conference Mina reveals that she obtained the island through paying of the Japanese deficit of  ¥1,000 trillion ($8.2 million) with the vast wealth of the Tepes family. The island is only leased by Mina, however there are no terms on the lease and that she maintains full administrative and policing authority, much like a Concession Territory rather than a lease. It is a territory within Japan, but not part of Japan, allowing the different human and vampire cultures to mix and mingle, yet remain separate.

The Bund3

The Bund depicted in the Manga

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