Name: Rozenmann Species: Vampire

Rozenmann (ローゼンマンRōzenman)
Voiced by: Kenji Hamada (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)
Lord Rozenmann first appears dressed in a white, western-style suit with a cape over his shoulders, his left eye covered by an eyepatch. He appears to be the calmest and most amiable of the three lords, showing civility even to those considered "beneath" him (such as Veratos, a "commoner", and Akira who is a werewolf), and maintaining his demeanor even as one of his servants is immolated by sunlight in front of him; the only time he ever appears anything other than perfectly composed, is surprise at the sight of Akira's return after defeating the three assassins sent after him.
After the incident, in South America, Rozenmann later loses his spirit and becomes a shell of his former self. He now dresses as a pierrot, obeying Katie Maurice, as one of her personal combat agents. While he was first shown to be ruthless, when engaging in combat, he later puts a benign appearance as he was last seen playing with children.