Ivanovic (イワノヴIwanovu)
Voiced by: Kissei Kumamoto (Japanese), Patrick Seitz (English)
Lord Ivanovic appears dressed mostly in black with a silver cross hanging from his neck. He also appears older and hunched over. Lord Ivanovic has a very aggressive and imperious demeanor and looks more as the villain compared to the other two lords.
He is revealed in Volume 9 to have once been Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, insinuating himself into the Romanov dynasty's confidence and controlling them from behind the scenes; upon learning of the coming Bolshevik Revolution, Rasputin sold out the Romanovs and "died", returning as Ivanovic to control yet another regime from the shadows. After learning of Mina's true form, Ivanovic launches an attack on the Bund, climaxing in a final duel to the death with Mina and Akira in the depths of the Cradle, the deepest layer of the Bund, where he is finally defeated and slain. It can be noted that Ivanovic's true vampire form much resembles that of the demon Baphomet.