Werewolves, also Known as the Earth Clan (地の一族, Chi no Ichizoku), are an all-male group of highly-evolved wolves that have served the Tepes family for generations, acting as their bodyguards and military force.

The only known female werewolf is Tatiana Humoresque. Whether she can only partially or fully transform remains to be seen.


Their bodies are more resilient that those of humans, giving them numerous abilities.

Superhuman Strength: They have great strength to the point that they are capable of demolishing tanks with their bare hands even to the point of lifting it and throwing it.

Superhuman Speed: They possess great speed that when they move an afterimage or a blur is seen.

Agility: They possess great agility capable of running at the side of buildings or across edges without slipping at least once.

Enhanced Senses: They possess keener senses than those of humans such as hearing and smell. Their eyes can detect things down to the infrared spectrum.

Immortality: They are Immortals.

Walking day: Unlike vampires, werewolves are able to walk around during the day

Transformation: They are capable of transforming into a wolf-form at will.

In order to have children (this is only needed for sons since they are the only ones who can inherit the gene) that can pass on the wolf gene and become werewolves themselves, during sex they have to be in their wolf forms.

List of Werewolf CharactersEdit

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