There are three main species through out Dance In The Vampire Bund: Vampire, Werewolves, and Humans, with different types of sup-groups and heirarchy within.



As the name suggests, these are the purest of the vampires, closest in blood the the original Father of all Vampires. This includes the Tepes Royal Family and the Three Clans of vampires.


These vampires have chosen to remove their top and bottom fangs in order to preserve their humanity. Mina has taken a special liking to them, due to their sacrifice. Since many of the fangless left their own families for fear of turning them, Mina has allowed them to create adopted families. Such as the case with Anna, Clara, and Jiji.  She allows them to live underneath the Bund in their own community.

Humans turned into Vampires

The humans turned are both those who were bitten both voluntarily and involuntarily by a vampire. Without receiving the antidote within 48 hours of their bite, they transformed into a vampire.


The Earth Clan

This includes the majority of the werewolves, ecluding those of the "other clan."


A group of werewolves sworn to serve the Tepes Royal Family.

The Lords of the Senate

The Masters of the Beowulf. They have lived for centuries serving the Royal Family.

Elite Eight

Composed of Beowulf warriors, they are the highest ranked paired werewolves.



These humans are those who both wish to become vampires and those who welcome and accept the vampires into the human world.


These humans are opposed to the spread and revealing of vampires. They wish to either destroy the race and/or have them removed from their country.


Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid

These are werewolfs who were bitten by a vampire, and thus transformed into a mixture of both species.


The only appearance of a werecat is Seiji Hama. Their abilities seem to be similar to that of a werewolf, only with a feline form.

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